「Live film Pj」は、いつでも誰でもFacebook上やサイトを通じてコミュニティーに参加し、映画作りをシェアしながら映画製作に関わることができるプロジェクトです。


チーム:Live film Pj
代表:Teruki Kitazawa  https://teru.site

· I believe movies are a public culture. This project is a participatory live project that makes you feel the fun and depth of the movie through making movie.

· We will open the creation process as much as possible and share the process and aim to make a reliable movie.

· Movies are arts that create completely new things while communicating with people with different values. I think that the power that such a movie culture has can be a force surviving the era without the answer that is now demanded.

· This project is a place that is opened to societies that fosters wisdom surviving this era without answers through the process of making movies from nothing.

team: Live film PJ